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Amidst the chaos of life, Smokey brings you moments to cherish the beautiful things around you with a fresh mind. The richness of flavour fulfills your body with vibes that take you on a ride of confidence and fun!

Redefining your Mood

Discover a new side of your personality with our different flavours of Maskking Pods. We have one for all your moods. Lose yourself in the essence of these rich flavours that take you through the tropics with a fresh mind.

The amazing flavours of Iced Apple, Strawberry & Lychee, Peach Oolong and Mango Iced have a remarkable scent that can become a signature for you in your social circle

Lets Vape and Chill

Smokey lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing smoke clouds With Smokey Maskking Pods, it is always the time to stop worrying about your troubles and give yourself away in the Planet of The Vapes!

Lets delight you with the fun that is Smokey!

The Flavourful Idea

When the world around us felt dull and dry, we thought of flavouring it up! Introducing the Maskking Pods in Pakistan was the result of an idea generated from a mind indulged in the regularities of life yet waiting to explore the adventure and fun with a little twist.

Now when you smoke a Maskking Pod, the world around you and inside you gets filled with the spirit of fun.

Our Products

Smokey brings you high quality products that give you just the right hit of flavour, the perfect smoke and a boost of fun

Enjoy amazing different flavours of our Smokey Pods with exceptional prices